Formatting Pendrive Using CMD

Formatting the pen drive or USB flash drive became a major problem ,because everytime you try through the property menu it ends up with an error, or won’t even recognizes the USB drive properly. Don’t gloom because here is something you can do By using cmd formatting the pen drive is a common process that may need to be undertaken quite frequently. Here is the quick guide to FORMAT PENDRIVE USING CMD.

Step 1: At first insert the pen drive into the USB port
(if you know the letters associated with your location then skip the following two steps(steps 3 & 4)

Step 2:Then go in to My Computer and you will find the locations on your computer down in the navigation panel

Step 3:Your pen drive will be listed in one of these locations and it may be referred by its brand or something similar. Next to this label will be a letter
for example”G:removable storage device”. This letter needs to be remembered to complete the rest of the process

Step 4:Open the run command or open it by using WINDOWS KEY+R to open run dialog box and click OK .

Step 5:Then type cmd in the run dialog box and type that you needed to type “Format G:”

Step 6:This G refers to the example pen drive location, after you have typed press enter

Step 7:You will be asked to press enter and to give a name for your drive . After this then click on enter again. After this go back into my computer to check that the formatting has been completed successfully

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